There are a number of opportunities for parents to help out.  The board is expecting all parents work at least two events.  This can be one fundraising event and one game-day job, or two game-day jobs. Your choice, all you have to do is sign up! 


Remember...working events is part of your commitment to the team!  We need everyone to pitch in and help to make this a fun and successful season.


Check here to see where we still need help. 

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot


Please contact Jean Framke with questions 

Parent/Volunteer  & Fundraising Coordinators Jean Framke 420-5028 oshkoshflyersvolunteer@gmail.com




GAME DAYS - Parents are expected to work home games

Game-day jobs are as follows:

Set up - 3 people
Chains - 3 people per game
Concessions - 5 people per game 



SET UP: If you sign up for set up at the home games, it would be helpful if you could be there 90 minutes before game time.  We would like to be up and running by game time, not starting set up right before game time.


CONCESSIONS: If you work the first game in the concession stand, please stay on duty until the start of the second game.  The next game’s workers should begin working immediately after the game so we have double coverage for the between game surge. 

*Feel free to hop back behind the stand and help if you see we are busy, even if you are not signed up.


CHAIN GANG:  2 people are needed for the yard markers and one for the down markers.  This takes place on the visitor side of the field typically.


CLEAN UP: Immediately following the 5th grade game all field markers need to be put away.  Concession area picked up along with garbage in the bathrooms and on the field.




Notes for Volunteers:


Parents - please remember - volunteer positions are available on first come - first choice basis.


Volunteer Spot will notify you 3 days prior to the event.


It is your responsibility to find a replacement if needed for your committed volunteer slot.  You can piggy back off of a coaches email to ask someone from your team to help out.


Please have all perishable "To Bring" items to the concessions stand by 9am on game day.  Please mark the container you are bringing with your name.  All items must be individually wrapped.


All other "To Bring" items can be placed in the donations box by the POD.  Please drop them off during your athletes practice.  Mark your name and for what game they are to be used for.


Thanks for your help.


Jean - 920-420-5028