Notes from the Coaches


Coaches give out a lot of information after practices.  Where to be, when to be there, what to bring....


Occasionally this information is not heard clearly, not relayed properly to parents, or not remembered in detail. 


Click below to see any information your coach wanted to be sure you were aware of ....



Reminder to parents....players are expected to ride the team bus to and from away games.   

It is our responsibility to get all of the players to and from the away games.  We have a roster and expect all of our players to be on the bus.  If a player wishes to take alternative transportation home with a parent or other adult - a written notice must be given to one of the coaches prior to leaving Oshkosh West parking lot. 


This notice must be signed by a parent


must be given to the coach before boarding the bus and departing for the game. 

No exceptions.