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Many questions you may have are frequently asked by other parents.


Listed below are a list of FAQ that we have compiled so that you can get answers quickly. 

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Severe Weather FAQ's

Training FAQ's



Weather related FAQ

Q. Should the players show up to practice if there are severe weather warnings?

A.    Yes, always show up to practice.  If there is severe weather the coaches may cancel practice, but all players should show up at the practice field ready to practice.

Q. Will the coaches call about canceling practice?  Should I call to find out if practice may be cancelled?

A.    No, the coaches will not call.  No, you should not call the coaches.  There are too many players to call. Usually we will wait until the scheduled practice time to officially cancel practice. 

Players are always expected to show up and be ready to practice at the scheduled practice time.

Q. Where will the players go in the case of severe weather if they are out on the practice field?

A.    The Flyers have the permission of the Oshkosh Recreation Department to use the school as a shelter in the event of severe weather during a practice. 


Training related FAQ                                                      

Q. What exactly does the trainer do and what is he/she responsible for?
A. Our club is provided with licensed athletic training services through Affinity Health System. These trainers are primarily responsible for Oshkosh West but help us out on game day and on an as needed basis throughout the season. It is their responsibility to oversee the health care needs of athletes. This includes many things:
    - Educating players on how to prevent heat stress
    - Answering any questions related to player health and wellness during the season
    - Assessing any injuries or health issues that happen during practice or games
    - Basic first aid for any injuries or situations that may occur on game day
    - Communicating player status to the coaching staff
    - Monitoring any inhalers, epi-pens or other quick release medications the players may have prescribed
    - Taping any injuries, strains or sprains as needed
In addition, you need to see the trainer before the game if:
    - you are unable to practice/play due to a health reason or injury
    - you have a question regarding injury or health issues
    - your doctor says you should not practice/play
Q. Why do I need to see the trainer for a simple little scratch? So what if it's bleeding - it's no big deal!
A. Yes, it IS a big deal. Unfortunately the world we live in today has some contagious diseases that are transmitted through blood and body fluids and even though it may be highly unlikely that you have any of those diseases, we cannot take a chance.
The most common reason that our players will have bleeding is that they come to a practice or a game with a scabbed area from some other event (fell off skateboard or bike, fell down and skinned a knee, etc) and then during the course of play, the scab gets scraped and begins to bleed.
If you are bleeding during a game, you must see the trainer to have a dressing applied. We do not want your blood to get onto anyone else. If you are in a game situation, the referees will send you out of the game if you are bleeding and you will not be allowed to return until the blood is contained (your skin washed off and the scraped area covered with a dressing). If you get the blood on your uniform and we cannot get the blood removed from the fabric, the referee can choose to not let you return to play. Therefore, if you are bleeding, DON"T wipe it on your uniform!!
If you know you have a scab, see the trainer  BEFORE the  game begins to have a dressing applied (or see your coach if it's a practice). This will help you avoid being pulled out of play, causing you to miss out on playing time.
Q. Why does the trainer ask me so many questions? Can't they just leave me alone?
A. If you are injured, or it appears you may be injured in some way, it is the trainer's responsibility to find out what's wrong. It is YOUR responsibility to answer the questions so that you receive the best care possible. The trainer is provided as a service to you, the player, so that you can stay safe and enjoy playing this game for many years to come.


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