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~~ First Home Game ~~ September 17 ~~ Flyers vs Oconomowoc Purple ~~At Oshkosh West HS ~~






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8th Grade AAYFL Grand Champions!!


Thank you to all of our coaches, players, parents and sponsors!


Oshkosh West Custodial Staff ~ Oshkosh West Booster Club

Traeger Middle School~ Beck’s Meats

The Butcher Block ~ O’Marro’s ~ Serv-Ice

Cousin's Subs ~ Cardinal Construction

Dental Associates ~ Kossel's Appliances

And thank you to Alyssa Crossman from Aurora Medical for volunteering her time to take care of our training needs on Saturday game days



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Oshkosh Flyers Football Club is a member of the

All American Youth Football League (AAYFL)


Competitive Youth Football for 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Grade






A Note from our President - Bob Dahl

Thank you to all players and families for making our cookie dough/pizza fundraiser a huge success this year!  Your efforts are greatly appreciated! 


Greeting Flyers Parents and Players,

The dog days of August are almost behind us; the boys and coaches have been working hard over the past several weeks and I think we saw some quality football played at the scrimmage on Saturday.  Once school begins the players will have new challenges with juggling family, school, and football.  They will have to budget their time to get their school work done, get plenty of rest, and eat good meals so they can be effective in the classroom, at home, and on the field.

I would like to recognize a few people within our organization; without their commitment to the Flyers things would not run as smooth as they do for the coaches and the parents. 

Sue Ludwig is our treasurer, but she does so much more than just collect money and pay the bills.  She also makes up the player rosters to send into the league, makes sure the coaches rosters are sent in, handles all of the cookie dough/pizza fundraiser coordinating which is a huge job, and sends out all the reminders to the parents when needed.  And there is much more Sue does to make life easier for myself and all the coaches.  So when you see Sue at the games please stop by and thank her for all she does for the Flyers.

Jean Framke is our volunteer coordinator, I’m sure most of you know who Jean is by now.  Jean makes sure everyone is where they are supposed to be and when they are supposed to be there.  She is at the field at 8:00am and doesn’t leave until after 4:00pm for our home games.  She has to make sure all the food and drinks for the concessions are coordinated along with the all the staffing of the concessions and chain gang people as well.  Jean also works closely with Sue, the parent reps, and the coaches to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Brian Dunn is our equipment manager and his job is a thankless task.  He makes sure the all the equipment is inventoried, old stuff is replaced, and new equipment is ordered in a timely manner.  We believe we have some of the best equipment available to our players.

Last, I would like to thank all of our coaches for all the time they put in everyday preparing your boys for the upcoming season.  Their tireless efforts to take a group of 35 or so boys and meld them into a team; and along the way teach them the fundamentals of football, to respect one another, and to work hard for a common goal is greatly appreciated.

So when you are at the games, and the clock hits zero, please try and remember that these are all volunteers trying to work together to have a place for your boys to go to play football, and hopefully the boys learn the importance of what a team is and the sacrifice it takes from everyone to make this organization run as smooth as it does.  Take the time to thank the coaches no matter what the outcome is, show your boys how much you appreciate the hard work they put in as well.

Good luck to all the players, coaches, parents, and volunteers; without all of your help and support none of this would be possible. 

Go Flyers!

Bob Dahl

Approximate Game Times

Game Times - unless otherwise noted

  • 8th grade - 9 am

  • 7th grade - approximately 10:30 am

  • 6th grade - approximately 12:00 pm

  • 5th grade - approximately 1:30 pm

Each game lasts approximately 1.5 hours - consecutive games begin immediately afterwards.

Middle School C.A.T.S.


West High


The Middle School C.A.T.S. course is for any student living in the Oshkosh School District and entering into 6th – 8th grade for the 2016-2017 school year. This is a basic weight lifting/strength training course that has been designed strictly for middle school students. This class will put emphasis on proper weightlifting techniques, safety when it comes to working out with exercise equipment, healthy lifestyle choices, speed and agility drills. Studies show that adolescents that begin a sound training routine by sixth grade can achieve much greater levels in strength and fitness than those who start later in life. The class will meet three days per week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for 75 minutes).

Location: Oshkosh West High School Weight Room

Date: June 20 - July 28, 2016 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)

Time: 12:15 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Class Fee: $10 will be collected the first day of class which includes a T-shirt and needed equipment. This fee is waived for families on free and/or reduced lunch for the 2015-2016 school year.


Click here for  website and

Registration Instructions



BFS; Bigger, Faster, Stronger  weight training program.

Last year the Oshkosh Flyers started a weight training program under the direction of Coach Joe Schleis based on the BFS; Bigger, Faster, Stronger weight training program.  As an organization we saw the benefits our athletes were rewarded with after a full season of weight training.  By the end of the season we felt our kids were Bigger, Faster, and Stronger than our opponents.  After our season was completed, Oshkosh West offered an off-season weight training program for our athletes to utilize at their facility and it was called CATS.  There was a pretty good turnout of middle school kids and then we opened it up to 4th graders as well and they jumped right in there with the older boys. 

Because of the momentum this program seems to have the Flyers wanted some of our coaches to become BFS certified.  Therefore during the summer three of our coaches; Joe Framke, Kelly Schmitt, and Dave Hickman became BFS certified.  Joe Schleis will run our weight training program during the season this year and with the help of Joe, Kelly, and Dave, we will have the boys weight training on Mondays and Thursdays like we did last year.  If you want to watch the boys go thru the circuit please come to practice on one of those nights it is really neat to see them in action and the motivation Joe brings to this program.

Affinity Health System is running a Community Baseline Project which is Pre-Concussion Testing for Athletes that are in club, middle school, and local athletic programs and don't have access to ImPACT testing until they reach the high school levels.  The testing dates and details are listed on the link below with direct links to schedule testing.  Cost is only $10 and it is open to all kids age 11 and older!  Please pass this on to as many coaches, teams, and parents as possible!  The link below is user friendly but please let whom-ever you pass this on to know that they can contact me at akraemer@affinityhealth.org with any questions or if they would like actual brochures!

Thank You,





CATS is a training program for 5th through 8th graders  to enhance performance for all sports.  Monday and Thursday evenings at the Oshkosh West weight room.  For more information - click here.


Thank you to Aurora Medical

Aurora Medical Center will be providing trainers at all of the home games again this year. This is a very generous donation and a great help to the Flyers organization.

Also, Aurora will be offering a baseline screening for concussions. The cost is $15.00 per player.   We will be giving each player an informational sheet providing information on this procedure.  Click here for details.

It is very much appreciated by our staff and our players and parents.

Thanks Aurora!


Reminders to Parents and Volunteers

A gentle reminder to parents: 

Parents, our league is very specific in who is allowed to coach our teams.  All coaches must be certified and have a background check before they can coach.  Both during practice and on game days, please allow the coaches and players to concentrate on the task at hand and remind your family/friends that talking with the players and/or offering "advise" from the sidelines causes distraction to the player and the team.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  If you have a concern about your son, please address it with your head coach, preferably not on game day. 

As always, if you have a concern, please do not hesitate to talk with your head coach or a member of our Executive Board - Bob Dahl, or Tom Bell.

Oshkosh Flyers Merchandise



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Please be sure to utilize our website all season long as it is the most effective way to keep up-to-date.


Important  Dates:

Quick Links:

Important Reminders:

  • Practice Field - All Flyers teams will practice at Carl Traeger Elementary/Middle School for the 2015 season.

  • Team Notes - Check for important messages from your head coach

  • Home Games - All home games are played at Oshkosh West High School.

  • Volunteer Sign-Up - please sign up to help at our home games.

  • Order Flyers Merchandise

  • Email - If you have a current e-mail address (we do NOT share your e-mail) please e-mail to info@oshkoshflyers.com  so we can add you to our Flyers broadcast list and keep you up to date with important team information.

Season Photos:

We created a photo link site on Shutterfly for photos.  We have several parents that take pictures at many of the games and they have shared them with the rest of the players via our Photo Site.  We appreciate their contribution to our club and thank them for their efforts. 

Click here for our Photo Site


Please feel free to upload pictures you have taken to share with the team.

Severe Weather:

If there is severe weather the coaches may delay or cancel practice, but all players should show up at the practice field on time and ready to practice.


If severe weather should halt practice the coaches will determine if the practice should be delayed or cancelled.  In the event that practice is cancelled parents must be available to pick up their children before the scheduled time.


Click here for more information on Severe Weather Procedures



There are a number of opportunities for parents to help out.  The board is expecting all parents work at least two events.  This can be one fundraising event and one game-day job, or two game-day jobs. Your choice, all you have to do is sign up


Remember...working events is part of your commitment to the team!  We need everyone to pitch in and help to make this a fun and successful season.

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